Transmission CoolerTransmission Cooler

The Reason Transmission Coolers is important. Transmission systems have a lot of work to do. They have to keep your engine’s revolutions per minute (RPMs) within a usable range and transmit the power from those rotations to the drive wheels at speeds anywhere from 1 to more than 100 miles per hour. This action generates a lot of heat. In order to keep this heat low, transmissions rely on a slippery, oily-like substance that lubricates and cools the moving parts. This is more commonly known as transmission fluid.

Sometimes the transmission fluid just isn’t enough to keep everything cool. There are times when the fluid temperature can exceed the maximum range of 160 to 200 degrees. When this happens, the transmission fluid begins to burn. This burning decreases the amount of fluid running through your transmission, which in turn can seriously damage all of the important moving parts within the transmission.

Installing a transmission cooler is an extra precaution against overheating your transmission. Many people decide to use them in vehicles that are used to haul cargo. Transmission coolers come in many different shapes and sizes and there are a few things to consider when choosing one. Contact Eagle Transmission of Dallas for a free diagnostic to ensure that your transmission is running the way it should.