Manual Transmission Repair & Clutch Replacement

A manual transmission probably made your car less expensive to purchase, if you bought it new, and it will likely cost less to repair. But if you keep it working correctly, you won’t need to worry about a lot of repairs. Don’t wait until it’s getting more difficult to shift. Have routine maintenance done on your transmission so that your mechanic can catch issues before they become bigger.

The problems that develop with manual transmissions may involve anything from a clutch going out to a pin missing, which allows the transmission to become misaligned. If your mechanic replaces your clutch, he will clean the pressure plate and flywheel to ensure that there is no oil on these surfaces.

Your clutch uses friction changes to keep the torque transfer modulated, between your engine and your transmission. Because of this, they do develop wear, if you drive your car every day. The clutch may need to be replaced more often in these cars.

Short clutch life can also be caused by pulling heavy loads. Even if you’re careful, it’s normal to need to replace the clutch after about 60,000 miles and if you have excellent driving habits, you can extend the life of the clutch.

What are the signs of clutch wear?
A slipping clutch, clutch judder, or any unusual noises are signs of wear can mean a new clutch is required. Sometimes, these problems might not be detected as a clutch release failure. If your car is making any unusual sounds, then a proper evaluation is needed to find out exactly what the problem is. It is also a good idea to pay attention to any warning lights. These will give you a good indication of what could be faulty in your car.

Resolving any of these issues is not possible by an unprofessional. You can handle basic types of repair work yourself, but handling heavy repairs, especially for the manual transmission is very difficult. Whatever the problem is, it’s wise to take your car in and have a manual transmission specialist look at it.

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We will even give you a no-cost external diagnosis of your transmission plus an estimate for repairs. Since being stranded is not most people’s definition of a fun time, regular maintenance is helpful along with taking your vehicle in for expert advice when you feel or hear anything out of the ordinary.

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