Check Engine Light

Do the lights on your vehicle go crazy when you turn it on? Almost all vehicles have them, and they are there for good reasons. What do you say and what should you do if the check engine light is on?

If the check engine light is on, it could mean that you need a repair service. It is one of the most important indicators of trouble in your vehicle. If you ignore it, your vehicles will exhibit a wide range of problems. It is important to learn why a check engine light has detected a problem on your vehicle, then fix it to make sure your car is running smoothly and safely.

Why Is It On?

When your check engine light comes on, bring your vehicle to Eagle Transmission and one of our technicians can initiate diagnostics on it to determine the problem. This can provide you with a wealth of information on the operation of your vehicle. Generally, many things can trigger an engine light. It is impossible to know what it is until you get a diagnostic service done to find the problems.

Some of the most common reasons for the check engine light are the following. Remember that this is only a small number of potential problems.

  • The engine was damp, which prevents it from working properly.
  • The head seal is blown, which is often clean of smoke.
  • The oxygen sensor in the system is not working or is defective, which can cause or cause the problem.
  • Spark plugs or connecting wires are worn or not working properly.
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valves are sticky and do not work as they should.
  • Some hoses or manifolds are cracked or loose and need attention.

The check engine light is your friend and not a pesky nuisance.

It is there to help you take good care of your vehicle. When it lights up, there are some quick checks you can do on your own, but if your efforts don’t fix the problem, then a trip to the mechanic is necessary.

Eagle Transmission Shop Dallas can help you to determine what the cause of that check engine light is. Then you can decide if you want to make the repairs or not. In most cases, doing so is essential and should not be put off. However, it is a good idea to invest in a company that you trust to do a good job. The engine is not a component of the vehicle to be careless with.

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