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Fuel Injection System Service

Our Fuel Injection System Service removes even the hardest carbon deposits from the fuel injection system.  It restores the fuel spray pattern and corrects the air/fuel ratio, helping to restore fuel mileage.

Modern engines are finely engineered to exact tolerances. Deposits that build up in fuel injectors, intake valves and ports can cause multiple drivability and performance concerns such as: hesitation, misfire, stumble, rough idle, poor gas mileage and performance loss.

Our Fuel Injection System Service is very effective with removing hardened fuel system deposits. As an integral part of our Fuel Injection System Service we pre-soaks deposits which allows our cleaners to provide an extremely effective process.  Although we use a powerful/professional grade cleaner it is not harmful to any fuel system components including gaskets, hoses, metals, fuel tank bladders, fuel pumps, O-rings or other components.


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