Can you tell me how much it will cost to overhaul my transmission?
AWhen it comes to pricing a transmission repair or rebuild, there are several factors that need to be investigated to determine the specific cause of your transmission problem. We offer to all our customers our free External Transmission Diagnostic Service, which will help to identify what type of problem may exist, and what would be the best and most cost effective solution for the repair of your automatic or standard transmission problem. This External Transmission Diagnostic Service includes checking the transmission fluid level and condition. We will road test your vehicle for any drivability issues, and we will check your electronically controlled transmission for any diagnostic trouble codes that may be in your vehicle’s computer memory, if your vehicle has this capability. Many transmissions can be fixed without a rebuild or overhaul. To better understand your transmission’s problems and to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate estimate, we invite you to bring your car in for a free diagnosis. Remember, the most expensive repair is the one you didn’t need.
My estimate was quite high. How do I know if I need all of these repairs?
AWe are happy to give you an unbiased second opinion for free. We can double check any recommended maintenance services based on your vehicle’s mileage. We provide you with our own comprehensive estimate based on our trained technician’s completed inspection of your vehicle. Our estimate is designed to help you make the right repair choices. Each recommended repair or service is prioritized; we will always tell you what is necessary to fix your initial problem and/or prevent any major safety issues. Knowing that most people don’t live on an unlimited budget, we’ll also let you know the services or repairs you can safely postpone. We will never pressure you into making an on-the-spot decision. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need and compare our estimate against any other.
Why do I need to service my automatic transmission?
AThe automatic transmission in your car is essentially a gigantic hydraulic pump. It uses transmission fluid to transfer engine torque to the drive wheels through a “torque converter” to a series of valves and pumps to control fluid flow and pressure. As with the other fluid systems on your car, much is expected of this fluid and it deteriorates rapidly with heat, contaminants, and oxidation. It will thicken over time and not flow as needed and reduce the efficiency of this unit, as well as shorten its useful life. Transmission failure is very costly and routine maintenance is the best way to prevent that from happening. Most manufacturers recommended servicing the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles.
What is the difference between a transmission service and a flush?
AA transmission service consists of a test drive and evaluation of the transmission’s performance by a trained technician, removal of the transmission pan, replacing the fluid, installing a new filter, and finally making any necessary adjustments. A transmission flush is performed by attaching a machine to the transmission which re-circulates and cleans the fluid. The flush does not typically include a filter change. At our shop, we only service transmissions because we feel it is a better way to maintain and prolong the life of your transmission.
What is the maintenance schedule for my vehicle?
AThrough online subscriptions, our shop has access to the most current manufacturers’ recommended maintenance schedules for all makes and models of cars, both foreign and domestic. We are able to perform the factory recommended services based on your car’s mileage. We keep your car’s service and repair records in our computer system and can send you reminders about upcoming recommended services. You may also consult your owner’s manual for further information.

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